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What Are You Afraid Of?

I just read a post over on Justin Popovic’s blog – (he is a great internet marketer and provides incredible PLR….) – talking about being a real entrepreneur or just someone who “dabbles”.

(You can read the article here…..Real Entrepreneur or Wannabe?

What Are You Doing - Online BusinessIt really, really opens your eyes to some tough questions that you need to ask yourself.

For myself, I have to confess that I have been a long time “dabbler”. I am terrible at focusing my efforts – and am way too easily swayed off my path by the next best thing that is being taught.

I have no excuses. There is no reason that I have not been able to focus and build – other than my own fear of failing.

Because I think that is truly what it comes down to.

I still have never even admitted to anyone that I am still working online, that I still have websites/blogs that I work on – I have kept everything I do completely private.

Yes, some of my friends know I do some stuff online, and they know that I dabble……but I have never made a firm commitment and set goals for myself that were realistic. I just don’t want everyone to know if it doesn’t work out….and yet I am pretty sure they all already assumed I had given up long ago!

So, the question is – what do I want? Do I want a business that is making me thousands of dollars a month online? Or, am I just hoping to make a little bit extra to help pay some bills?

The thing is, I love it. I love all of the learning of new techniques and ideas, and seeing how all of the marketing works online. I love reading about it, and I love learning.

But, the truth is, right now, what I want is just to be able to make enough money to help pay some bills. And, to have a bit of money for myself – since I don’t work outside the home anymore.

I love helping people. I was a nurse and nurse’s aide for many years, and that is just something that I guess is in me. I want to help people – but trying to find my “niche” that allows me to do that has not been easy.

With this in mind, I am going to be spending some time over the next few days before the new year coming up with my plan, and to hopefully decide once and for all what I want to do.

Yes, I would love to be making the big bucks – but the truth is, right now, my focus is just to get to a point that I am at least able to bring in some income. Then down the road, keep growing my business.

I have had to deal with some horrible stuff over the past year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. It opens your eyes to what is important in life. And, makes you realize that you are responsible for doing whatever you can for your own happiness.

And, that is what I am setting as my goal for the next year. Working online, doing what makes me happy, (which includes writing, including my blogs – that is something that I truly enjoy), and what I can to reach the goals I will set for myself.

If you haven’t read Justin’s post, make sure you head over and read it. It might make you feel like you are just a wannabe who hasn’t committed to anything solid, but at least it will open your eyes to make you start thinking about what you REALLY want! Sometimes seeing the truth staring you in the face can be enough of a wake up call that it will give you the shot in the arm you need.

Fear Of Striking Out - EntreprenuerAnd, whatever your reasons for not being as successful as you had hoped – it will most likely come down to a fear of failing – you need to decide if you really want it bad enough. Time to remember the quote I really like:

“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

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