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The Life of the Lonely Blogger….

Blogging - Using Comment LuvI am pretty sure I have already put a post on here somewhere along these lines, but I figured I may as well talk about it a bit again today.

Besides, philisophical questions such as these can never really be discussed enough, can they?

Any of you out there who blog, will know what I am talking about. Writing those posts, day after day, and wondering if anyone is really reading them….or if you are basically just virtually talking to yourself!

I read somewhere that bloggers and blog readers are skimmers. Meaning that they are most likely just skimming through posts for the interesting parts, or for one that maybe stands out to them.

I started thinking about myself, and I realized that this is actually kind of true! I don’t really think I read through every word on the blogs I visit, but I do always read through it if it is able to hold my interest.

That scared me because I really started wondering what the heck I could write about that anyone else could consider interesting enough to actually “read” it!

We have our blog stats, which tell us a little bit about our visitors. Awstats in your website’s cPanel can give you some information, like keywords and how many visitors – including the spiders sent out by search engines like Google – but it’s hard to really know how accurate everything is.

Most of us also have a stat program installed on our sites, like Google Analytics. There is sometimes a HUGE difference between your Awstats and Google stats – so it is important to learn how to figure out how to read the reports for your site.

However, all the stats in the world mean nothing if no one is taking time to engage and even come back to your blog.

Getting blog comments seems to be the one thing that will let you know people are reading your blog, and taking the time to write their thoughts about it. But then, some of the comments do come from other people who are looking for blogs to comment on simply to build links to their own sites.

So, do those count? There are people out there who are hoping to build relationships with other bloggers, and getting comments from them are always appreciated. Not to mention, the actual reader who is truly interested in what you are saying – without having their own blog or online presence at all – these seem to be in the minority of the comments though.

At any rate – I have installed the premium version of Comment Luv on my sites to try building up a bit more interaction on my blogs. This will give anyone who leaves a comment a chance to get the link back to their site, as well as let them have a chance to target keywords, have a byline from their recent posts on their own blogs, and a chance to be a featured commenter for even more exposure.

The CommentLuv Plugin

I am hoping that by using this, people will be encouraged to come on over and leave some comments!

I really do have days where I feel like I am just sitting here typing away and talking only to myself! But then I go and look at my stats, and I feel a little bit better – but I do still have my moments!!

So, if you want to take some pity on a poor, lonely blogger, and maybe get something in return through my use of Comment Luv – I would love to hear from you:-)

Thanks for reading!

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