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Remembrance Day

Since it is Remembrance day on Sunday – my kids had a service at the school today.  It is a day to remember – and today I have done a lot of that.  It is funny how you can feel so much for someone – an ancestor that you never met – when you spendContinue Reading

Sometimes Just Getting Started Is The Hardest Part

This 30 day blog challenge has been very good for me so far. It has forced me to sit down and come up with posts for my blog – which really isn’t that difficult once I get my mind into that zone and decide to start writing. You see, once I start writing, the wordsContinue Reading

Can You Really Trust Anyone Online?

It can be hard when starting out online to connect with people who you can trust. And, there will likely be times when you will get burned – that is just the way it is when dealing with people who are essentially anonymous and who you can’t be 100% sure what their character is like.Continue Reading

Blog Hops, Linky Parties, Carnivals….It Sounds Like A Lot Of Fun!

  So, I have been taking everything in I can learn about blogging – including blog hops, link parties, blog carnivals and all of that other stuff I have been hearing all of the mommy bloggers talking about that I have met over the past couple of weeks. It can be a bit overwhelming, IContinue Reading

The Life of the Lonely Blogger….

I am pretty sure I have already put a post on here somewhere along these lines, but I figured I may as well talk about it a bit again today. Besides, philisophical questions such as these can never really be discussed enough, can they? Any of you out there who blog, will know what IContinue Reading

Day 4……And Still Standing!

Day 4 of the blogging challenge, and I am very proud of myself for having been able to keep up with both of my blogs I have in this month’s challenge. I know…..it’s only 4 days! But, for me it is an accomplishment. I haven’t been able to keep consistently posting to my blogs everyContinue Reading