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Category Archives: Ramblings

What Are You Afraid Of?

I just read a post over on Justin Popovic’s blog – (he is a great internet marketer and provides incredible PLR….) – talking about being a real entrepreneur or just someone who “dabbles”. (You can read the article here…..Real Entrepreneur or Wannabe? It really, really opens your eyes to some tough questions that you needContinue Reading

The Secret To Making Money Online

So how many of you have been trying to find some way of making money from home for awhile now, without a lot of success? And, how many of you have fallen for schemes or products that promised all the answers but fell short of giving you what you needed? Have you tried MLM? InternetContinue Reading

Day 4……And Still Standing!

Day 4 of the blogging challenge, and I am very proud of myself for having been able to keep up with both of my blogs I have in this month’s challenge. I know…..it’s only 4 days! But, for me it is an accomplishment. I haven’t been able to keep consistently posting to my blogs everyContinue Reading

Importance of Building Online Connections

I have been learning so much already in the past few days alone about the importance of networking when you are a blogger. I mean, I have known for a long time that building relationships is crucial for success when marketing on the internet. Every “guru” and IM coach has been teaching that for years.Continue Reading

Didn’t Meet The Biebs – But Happy Just The Same

Well, as expected, I really never got the chance to get the girls meeting the Biebs at his concert.  I know, I know – it was a complete long shot anyway, but I had to try! However, when I looked over and saw my oldest daughter sitting there watching him sing his first song, withContinue Reading

Operation Meet Justin Bieber…..Help Me Spread The Word!

OK – so tomorrow night is the Justin Bieber concert in Winnipeg, the city close to where we live.  (It is about a 2 and a half hour drive….).  I won’t even mention everything I had to go through to get tickets to this concert – but I would have done anything I had toContinue Reading