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Category Archives: Freelance Writing

Kindle Case Study Review

I promised a bit of a review on the Kindle Case Study I am taking part in. Whether you know anything about Kindle or not, this case study is something that you definitely need to follow! Dennis (Becker, from Earn1KaDay – which you can read a review about on the E1KaDay review page..) has beenContinue Reading

Freelance Writing for Magazines E-course Review

The other day I mentioned a course I have been going through which focuses on writing for magazines.  Well, I have officially finished the course this week, and would like to give you a bit of a review.  There have been a few of my readers who have contacted me asking for more information aboutContinue Reading

New Case Study & Freelance Writing Course Review

OK – for those of you who read my blog regularly, you likely notice from time to time lately that the look changes.  Yes – it is supposed to be doing that, because I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to some things, so I have been trying new themes out to seeContinue Reading

Freelance Writing – Online or In Print?

I  have had many of you contact me with questions about getting started with freelance writing.  While I have been doing freelance writing online for quite a while now, I have never had anything actually published in a “print” magazine. Not that it isn’t something I wanted to do – in fact, it is theContinue Reading

Freelance Writing Online Guide – Free Gift to Subscribers

Well, another couple of months have passed, and again I have neglected my posting.  I do apologize – the past few weeks have been a whirlwind and unfortunately my online work had to take a bit of a backseat.  I ended up moving in June, which happened in a record amount of time from usContinue Reading

Freelance Writing – A Perfect Way For Moms To Start Making Money On The Internet

When many people think of freelance writing, they dream of writing for the big magazines and newspapers around the world, having a chance to show off their writing talent.  However, the truth is there are very few people who will ever get to that point, but that is no reason for you to give upContinue Reading