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What Are You Afraid Of?

I just read a post over on Justin Popovic’s blog – (he is a great internet marketer and provides incredible PLR….) – talking about being a real entrepreneur or just someone who “dabbles”.

(You can read the article here…..Real Entrepreneur or Wannabe?

What Are You Doing - Online BusinessIt really, really opens your eyes to some tough questions that you need to ask yourself.

For myself, I have to confess that I have been a long time “dabbler”. I am terrible at focusing my efforts – and am way too easily swayed off my path by the next best thing that is being taught.

I have no excuses. There is no reason that I have not been able to focus and build – other than my own fear of failing.

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The Secret To Making Money Online

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Quantity Vs. Quality – Does It Really Matter?

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Content Creation For Your Blog

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Lest We Forget……

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Nicole Dean’s Blog CPR

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